4 considerations to select the right facilities management provider for care homes

Care home facilities management

Whether you’ve had the builders in to build a new accommodation block, your care staff are having to be drafted in to help run your buildings and grounds, or you are not satisfied with your current facility services company, a new facility management partnership can transform your care home or nursing home.

Selecting a new facilities management company is a mission critical decision for a care home, so it’s fundamentally important that you get your choice of facilities provider right. The importance of selecting the best facilities provider cannot be underestimated. But what factors are important considerations when selecting a new facility services provider for a care organisation?

The right facilities management company can have a big influence on residents experience in your care home, not to mention workplace productivity, business efficiency, attracting and retaining talent and perhaps most importantly of all, staff well-being.

Your facilities management company can have a significant role to play in residents’ experience of living in your care home

Engaging a new facilities management provider is not likely to be something that you do regularly. So how can you ensure that you’re choosing the best facility management company for your care home? In this article, we highlight six important considerations that we’ve learned in our many years of operating commercial premises. Here are some key factors that you should always consider during your decision making process:

The facilities management provider have clear transition processes are in place

Switching facilities management companies, or outsourcing for the first time, can be a convoluted process, if the facilities management company doesn’t have clear transition process in place. Engaging a provider can entail some risk.

For starters, when engaging a facilities provider, you are giving up control of your premises to a service provider. However, perhaps more importantly, you are assuming what could turn out to be a financial risk by signing up for a contract.

A specialist facilities management company should easily be able to manage your expectations of what the transition involves. Also, they should develop a clear risk management plan for your care home facilities management in tandem with your key people. It’s critical that you have open dialogue with your prospective facilities provider, around all of the potential issues, whilst also carefully considering potential unexpected events, to ensure a smooth move to working with your new care home facilities service providers.

The facilities management company has experience of managing contractors in the care sector

A care facility has specific requirements which means that it is typically preferable to work with a facilities management firm that specialises in the healthcare sectors. Your care home providers should have the operational experience, management expertise and the appropriate professional network to ensure that your buildings and grounds always meet the National Minimum Care Standards Act 2001.

  • Managing the facilities in a care home does not simply involve checking and monitoring the standard of work provided by contractors, as other facilities management services typically provide to organisations in other sectors. Care home facilities management also extends to
  • Implementing agreed performance standards with the contractors who provide services within your care home
  • Diligent monitoring of contractor performance against the agreed standards
  • Retendering contracts when necessary to ensure value for money is maintained
  • Ensuring all contractors comply with the latest health and safety regulations
  • Processing contractor invoices, forwarding invoices to you for payment when checked and dealing with any issues for you

Offers a full range of facility services

As you will well know, managing the operations of a care home is not trivial. To ensure that, not only your buildings and grounds are in tiptop shape, but also that residents have the environment they need to have the best lifestyle possible, it’s important to work with a facilities provider which offers a full range of facilities services.

From plumbing and heating, to redecorating, to clearing drains, installing fire safety equipment, managing door access systems or mending the roof, it’s critical that your facilities provider can handle all aspects of keeping your care home well looked after.

Understands and implements standards and regulations

Your care home facilities provider should have an on-going strategy to develop specialist care services within today’s modern care homes. A specialist care home facilities company should deliver outstanding service through good practice, education, training and compliance with regulation. You should always ask your prospective facilities management companies about the education and training initiatives they run for their own people and how they ensure they’re working to –

Care Quality Commission’s five essential standards of quality and safety

  1. Standards of treating people with respect and involving them in their care
  2. Standards of providing care, treatment and support which meets people’s needs
  3. Standards of caring for people safely and protecting them from harm
  4. Standards of staffing
  5. Standards of management

Learn more about the CQS new fundamental standards.

Choose the best facilities management provider for your care home

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