If you are one of the 805,000 SMEs based in London, it’s highly likely that your company is going to relocate at some point. Whether you need a bigger office space to accommodate a growing team, you’re moving into a swanky area to reflect your increasing status, or you just fancy changing your view out of the window, when the time comes to move, choosing the best office relocation company can help your London office move a breeze.

As an office relocation isn’t a move that you make frequently, you may not have worked with an office relocation company. If you have engaged office movers before, your experience may have been less than smooth. If you don’t have a trusted office relocation firm in your phone’s contact book, fear not. We’ve put together this handy guide about a few key factors to consider to ensure that your office move progresses swiftly, in an organised manner and with as little stress as possible.

Many SMEs move because they’ve outgrown their current space. Other small businesses relocate so they are closer to their customer base. A few companies even move every now and again to shake things up.

No matter what the motivation for your office move is, relocating offices can be challenging. Hiring an office moving company in London can take all the stresses and complications off your hands. There are lots of London office relocation firms that can lend a hand. The bad news is that the sheer number of London removals companies can make it a bit baffling as to which is the best choice. Read on to learn some key considerations to choose the best office relocation in London to ensure your office move is hassle free.

Plan your office relocation ahead of the move

It’s fairly common for a homeowner to decide to move on a whim. Frequently, a domestic move has to happen quickly because the sale goes through without a lot of notice. However, it’s uncommon for a business to have to relocate at short notice. It also isn’t typically possible for a company to pack up and move logistically.

Usually, you will have a few months to plan an office move. Why not use that time to your advantage?

Be sure to start planning your office move well in advance of the moving date. Use that time to find the right London office relocation company for the job, not simply going for the most convenient because you’re rushing to move at the last minute.

Ask for recommendations

Are you friends with other small business owners in London? If you have contacts, why not use them? Tell your contacts that you’re moving office and ask them to recommend the best office relocation company that they’ve used in the past, or heard about from their contacts.

Since most businesses will move once, or maybe even twice, you can probably find other SME owners in your area that can recommend a moving company in London.

Asking other business owners is a great opportunity to get a real-world testimonial and a detailed testimonial about the experience they had with the removals firm.

It’s probably best not to rely on just one recommendation, if you talk to a number of small business owners, and hear the same firms name mentioned more than once, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that the movers are reliable and value providing a good service.

Read online removals company reviews

Today, obviously, the internet is a great way to check the credentials of London removals companies. With a few simple Google searches, you should be able to get a view of other small business owners experiences with local removals companies.

Online reviews can give you a great overview of what various local movers are all about. A top tip is to read a few positive and negative reviews, to get a good sense of the customer experience that the moving company provides.

Work with a moving company that provides other services you may need

You are likely to have valuable equipment, stock and fittings in your office that will need to be moved. A specialist London office relocation company will have the experience and the expertise to handle your equipment. For example, your office relocation firm should have specialist IT handling and packing skills, to keep your expensive IT equipment safe and sound during the move.

Moving office can be a complex process. An office relocation specialist will have handled hundreds of office relocation projects. The best removals companies even provide a dedicated account manager, to handle your move from the planning stage to the time that you walk through the door on day one of operating in your new office.

As a small business looking to move office, you need a specialist office relocation company that you can trust to get your entire inventory from your current office to your next, with minimal disruption to your business.

Hire the best removals company in South London now

Making sure that you hire the best office removals company in London can take a lot of the stress out of the process. A specialist office moving firm will protect your companies’ assets and ensure that all of your inventory is still in one piece when it arrives at your new premises.

It pays to do your due diligence when you bring your office removals company on board. By taking the steps we’ve outlined in this article, your move can take place without a hitch.

Before hiring your office movers, be sure to contact SW London removals company in London. They have handled 100’s business removals and office relocations across London over the years. They also offer specialist commercial services such as business and commercial storage in London.


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