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3 Updates To Make To Your Office


When you show up to work, does your office space drain you? Do you inadvertently find yourself feeling uninspired and sluggish? If you answered yes, it’s no surprise.

Studies have shown that a workspace affects how employees function. If your office space looks drab and dated, you’re less likely to have an invigorated workday. Whereas if you walk into an office that looks and feels shipshape and up to date, you can translate that energy into productivity.

It’s also important to showcase a professional and competent office for any customers or clients who seek your services. When they walk in, your work space is speaking to them. Make sure it’s sending the right message.

Here are three simple and long-lasting changes you can make to your office that make a big impact.

Make an entrance inviting

Before you set foot into your office, you have to walk through the front door. The front door is basically the first impression of the work space. An old door or a humdrum entrance might make your or your clients want to run for the hills.

More often than not, the front door of your office was chosen by the builder to be the cheapest and most generic option. A simple solution is to replace them with quality commercial doors that reflect the style and impression you want your clients to feel. A great entrance should invite you in, and set the tone for what you will find inside.

Control the light

The windows in your office can make or break the setting of the room. Allowing the bright sunlight into a room makes it feel vibrant and fresh. It’s invigorating, and drowns out the sterile feel of the fluorescent lighting in most offices. However, letting too much sunlight in a room can roast everyone inside.

The old aluminum blinds that are common in office spaces look tacky and uninspired. They can block some light, but they still let in plenty of heat. Plus they collect dust and other allergens that can make you sick more frequently.

It’s best to choose a replacement option that will last as well as look great. These timber blinds in Brisbane, for example, provide natural insulation, give a polished look to your office space, and require no maintenance.

Keep it organized

Disorganisation is a major detriment to productivity. If you’re spending your time searching for paperwork or sifting through documents, you’re not really making the kind of progress you’d like. It’s a huge time-waster, and it increases stress.

It’s also unprofessional and can be the deciding factor between a client trusting you with his or her business over your competitors. If your office looks messy, it’s painfully obvious to a customer that you don’t know how to run things efficiently. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to literally clean up your act.

Increased productivity is as simple as finding an effective office cabinetry system that fits your space and your style. It’s an added bonus that they look great and can make you feel more relaxed and competent in your work.

Aside from your home, your office is likely where you spend most of your time. Why not make a few adjustments so that your office is a place that you actually want to spend time? The right changes can improve your mood, enhance your productivity, increase revenue and it might even save you money in the long run. With these three simple improvements listed above, you’re really making an investment in yourself, and your company.

The Best Printing And Mailing Services For UK Landlords


All landlords know the importance of printing and mailing — especially since trying to reach tenants via phone or email often fails. Printing and mailing can be a difficult, expensive, and a time-consuming process, especially if it’s done in-house. It’s not uncommon for landlords to ignore the mailing and printing aspects of their business.

Focusing on reaching your intended target audience and will help you become more successful and reach more potential future residents. With that in mind, here are some reasons why outsourcing your printing and mailing services is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Improved cash flow

Making the decision to outsource your printing and mailing services will result in improved cash flow. Statement printing and mailing services can help you handle and keep track of your statements and invoices and allow you to quickly send critical documents. Such companies can keep your best interests in mind by offering different stock and pre-perforated paper options.

The faster you send a letter to tenants who failed to make a rent payment in time, the faster the tenants will pay you. In addition, consistent invoicing of rent payments has been shown to increase your chances of getting rent on time. Consistent invoicing leads tenants to treat rent as an obligation with the same importance as a car payment or credit card bill. Over time, this will lead to a significant increase in cash flow to your business.

No more purchasing supplies

Outsourcing your printing and mailing services means you don’t have to buy basic supplies, like paper and envelopes which add up quickly. For instance, if you need to print the summary of a simple rental application to file in your office, you won’t have to stress over buying ink for your printer before the showing.

Printing and mailing companies eliminate both the need to purchase supplies and the need to prepare everything yourself, saving you time and money in the long run.

Organised bookkeeping

Utilizing the help of a printing and mailing service will help you stay organized when it comes to bookkeeping — which is especially important when tax season rolls around. Come tax season, you’ll need to file to create a separate business entity to manage your properties under. You’ll need a record of rental income and expenses as well as the supporting documents for income and expenses. Ultimately, your income and expense record will determine whether you’re eligible for a taxable profit or a deductible loss.

Documents like cancelled checks, credit card records, and payment receipts will help you prove that your deductions are legitimate if you’re audited by the IRS. Since most companies allow you to print multiple copies of invoices and payment receipts, their services are non-negotiable. You’ll be able to send a copy to your tenant and keep one for yourself in a place with all the other records.

Staying professional

Whether you manage one property or 100, being a landlord is a real business and it’s important for you to treat it accordingly. Multiple calls or emails can annoy tenants and may further discourage them to pay rent on time. On the other hand, invoices send via mail help you maintain professionalism and consistency without seeming overbearing.

Although utilizing the services of a printing and mailing company may seem like a steep upfront cost, they’ll save you time, money, and effort in the long run. As a landlord, your focus should be on effectively reaching your tenants and potential future residents. Printing and mailing services will allow you to maintain your professionalism, stay successful, and properly run your business.

Discover little known business spells with unrivalled power


Using planetary spells and business magic to achieve your business dreams

What if I told you that all of your dreams can come true, easily, almost effortlessly, with powerful business spells that, not only attract money, but also provide the boundless positive energy required to transform your business? I’m guessing that you may be a little sceptical right now. But stop for a second and consider why you’re here. You are looking for solutions to achieve your goals and grow your fortune. Crucially, of all of the millions of articles that proliferate on the worldwide web today, you ended up here. The question is, has fate led you here? I’m convinced it has. But the only way you’re going to find out for yourself is by reading the rest of this article.

Read on to discover incredibly powerful secrets that many of the globe’s most successful business people want to keep to themselves. Whether you’re just starting out as a new entrepreneur, or you’re a seasoned business owner with an established business that needs reenergising, by combining the incredible powers of business magick and planetary magick, you can easily manifest your business dreams today. Intrigued? You should be, your life can change forever.

What are business spells and how can they help me?

One of the keystone secrets that all successful business people understand is that, for your business to be successful, it must be surrounded by positive energies. Positivity is instrumental in increasing your luck, good fortune and to create winning outcomes from your business relationships. There’s nothing revolutionary in that statement of course. However, what most people don’t understand is that positive energies must flow from both within AND from without. So how can you ensure that positivity abounds both inside of you and in those you do business with?

With ever-widening access to information using the internet, more and more entrepreneurs are discovering the awesome power of busines magick. As the worldwide web has laid the sum total of human knowledge at our fingertips, it’s surprising when you realise it’s actually the oldest, most fundamental, wisdoms that endure as the most powerful drivers of personal and business success.

Business magick is as old as magick itself. Perhaps it’s no surprise to learn that those ‘in the know’ have taken advantage of magick to grow their fortune since the dawn of magick some 2500 years ago. What may come as a revelation, is that it’s never been easier to harness ancient powers of magick to fuel your success in the business world of today. 

Discover the power of planetary spells.

What are planetary spells and how do they create unparalleled business magick?

Few people in the world truly realise the power of planetary spells. Even amongst those who practice magick, many people underestimate the power of the planets when it comes to business success. The key to their unparalleled power is that planetary spells unlock positive energy in BOTH of the domains that are fundamental to success. To evoke the higher forces that make you luckier and grow your fortune, you need both inner positivity AND outer positivity to flow abundantly around you.

So now you know the real power and depth of planetary spells, no doubt you’re asking – so what precisely are planetary spells? To understand planetary spells and harness their power, you must know what each planet relates to in terms of doing business. Well, to keep things simple, it helps to summarise the first 7 planets as being responsible for internal control and the other 3 planets being responsible for external control.

7 planets of internal control

Essentially, internal control is a force you can influence using your own mind. The 7 planets of internal control, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, The Sun and The Moon, enable you to effortlessly harness internal control. Internal control is fundamental to making more money. Internal control gives you the unfalteringly positive attitude that gives you an unbeatable edge in business.

3 planets of external control that give you the edge

Here is the ‘secret sauce’ of business success. External control provides powerful positive change that works outside of your own personal influence. Essentially, with positivity abounding in and around those you do business, a fertile environment is created in which your business can only thrive and prosper.  Although you do not have personal control over the external control planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, a skilled magician knows how to use their power to evoke higher forces that will deliver your fortune.

Learn more about planetary magic from a world-leading expert Master PlutoCraft

Of course, in this article there is only room to give you an introduction to the secrets of planetary business magick. Here, you have discovered a brief overview. To truly understand this amazingly powerful business magic, head over and dive into some of the most detailed magick resource online. Click here for an in-depth guide to planetary business magick secrets by PlutoCraft. Master PlutoCraft is a world-leading practitioner of planetary magic. The PlutoCraft blog offers many detailed guides which unlock the secrets of magick.

How can I harness the secrets of planetary spells for my business?

As you can imagine, it takes many of years of devoted study and practice to become an authority in any form of magick. Fortunately, with the amazing opportunities the internet gives us today, it’s never been easier to connect with a trusted spell caster online. Master PlutoCraft is a world-leading authority of planetary magick. Not only that, he delivers custom magick spells that work every time.

Over 11 years, PlutoCraft has built a worldwide reputation for being the most trusted magick authority. If you’re looking for magick that works every time, with no rip-offs, scams, and with only brutal honesty, head over to Master PlutoCraft’s website today.  With planetary spells and business magick, it’s never been easier to achieve your goals whether in business life or your personal life.

4 Top tips to choose the best office relocation company in London


If you are one of the 805,000 SMEs based in London, it’s highly likely that your company is going to relocate at some point. Whether you need a bigger office space to accommodate a growing team, you’re moving into a swanky area to reflect your increasing status, or you just fancy changing your view out of the window, when the time comes to move, choosing the best office relocation company can help your London office move a breeze.

As an office relocation isn’t a move that you make frequently, you may not have worked with an office relocation company. If you have engaged office movers before, your experience may have been less than smooth. If you don’t have a trusted office relocation firm in your phone’s contact book, fear not. We’ve put together this handy guide about a few key factors to consider to ensure that your office move progresses swiftly, in an organised manner and with as little stress as possible.

Many SMEs move because they’ve outgrown their current space. Other small businesses relocate so they are closer to their customer base. A few companies even move every now and again to shake things up.

No matter what the motivation for your office move is, relocating offices can be challenging. Hiring an office moving company in London can take all the stresses and complications off your hands. There are lots of London office relocation firms that can lend a hand. The bad news is that the sheer number of London removals companies can make it a bit baffling as to which is the best choice. Read on to learn some key considerations to choose the best office relocation in London to ensure your office move is hassle free.

Plan your office relocation ahead of the move

It’s fairly common for a homeowner to decide to move on a whim. Frequently, a domestic move has to happen quickly because the sale goes through without a lot of notice. However, it’s uncommon for a business to have to relocate at short notice. It also isn’t typically possible for a company to pack up and move logistically.

Usually, you will have a few months to plan an office move. Why not use that time to your advantage?

Be sure to start planning your office move well in advance of the moving date. Use that time to find the right London office relocation company for the job, not simply going for the most convenient because you’re rushing to move at the last minute.

Ask for recommendations

Are you friends with other small business owners in London? If you have contacts, why not use them? Tell your contacts that you’re moving office and ask them to recommend the best office relocation company that they’ve used in the past, or heard about from their contacts.

Since most businesses will move once, or maybe even twice, you can probably find other SME owners in your area that can recommend a moving company in London.

Asking other business owners is a great opportunity to get a real-world testimonial and a detailed testimonial about the experience they had with the removals firm.

It’s probably best not to rely on just one recommendation, if you talk to a number of small business owners, and hear the same firms name mentioned more than once, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that the movers are reliable and value providing a good service.

Read online removals company reviews

Today, obviously, the internet is a great way to check the credentials of London removals companies. With a few simple Google searches, you should be able to get a view of other small business owners experiences with local removals companies.

Online reviews can give you a great overview of what various local movers are all about. A top tip is to read a few positive and negative reviews, to get a good sense of the customer experience that the moving company provides.

Work with a moving company that provides other services you may need

You are likely to have valuable equipment, stock and fittings in your office that will need to be moved. A specialist London office relocation company will have the experience and the expertise to handle your equipment. For example, your office relocation firm should have specialist IT handling and packing skills, to keep your expensive IT equipment safe and sound during the move.

Moving office can be a complex process. An office relocation specialist will have handled hundreds of office relocation projects. The best removals companies even provide a dedicated account manager, to handle your move from the planning stage to the time that you walk through the door on day one of operating in your new office.

As a small business looking to move office, you need a specialist office relocation company that you can trust to get your entire inventory from your current office to your next, with minimal disruption to your business.

Hire the best removals company in South London now

Making sure that you hire the best office removals company in London can take a lot of the stress out of the process. A specialist office moving firm will protect your companies’ assets and ensure that all of your inventory is still in one piece when it arrives at your new premises.

It pays to do your due diligence when you bring your office removals company on board. By taking the steps we’ve outlined in this article, your move can take place without a hitch.

Before hiring your office movers, be sure to contact SW London removals company in London. They have handled 100’s business removals and office relocations across London over the years. They also offer specialist commercial services such as business and commercial storage in London.

5 Ingenious Ideas To Organise Your Office


Working from home can be a great thing, but if there’s one thing that home offices can easily fall victim to, it’s clutter. When your business and personal lives are so closely entwined, it’s sometimes easy to overlook a family member leaving something on your desk, or to let a bit of paper fall through the cracks here and there, or maybe to brush off cleaning tasks with a quick, “I can get to that later,” or even, “It’s more important to have the rest of the house look good.”

The problem, however, is that having a mess for an office leads to distraction and lowered productivity. A cluttered office lends itself to a cluttered mind, and it’s safe to assume that spending the first hour or so of every day cleaning up your workspace is fairly low on your list of “exciting business duties.”

Now for the good news – organization is not as hard as you think! Sure, you might picture a few days spent meticulously slaving over a total office redesign, but the truth is that there are a million little things you can do in just a few minutes that will help. Over time, these things will add up and begin to transform you into a more organized business owner who can devote every work hour to “important” work.

With that in mind, here are five incredibly simple organization ideas to get you started:

Cord Labels 1. Bread Clip Cord Labels

Is the back of your desk a rat’s nest of black and grey wires? Have you ever lost hours of work when you accidentally unplugged your computer instead of the thing you were trying to unplug? Well, this ingenious idea will make sure that never happens again! Instead of throwing away the clip on your bread bag, use it to label your office cords by clipping it right above the plug. A quick glance at the tag will make sure you never unplug the wrong thing again!

Ottoman File Cabinet 2. Office in a File Chest

Old chests are a great decoration for any room, but everything in your office should also be functional. Enter the file chest! A pair of simple metal rods lets you forgo a normal filing cabinet, and with the addition of a bulletin board and some extra storage above your files, this little piece of furniture can be pulling double or even triple duty in the organization department. Even better, when closed it can provide another place to sit if a meeting gets a bit overcrowded!

Repurposed Storage Idea 3. Mint Tin Drawer Organisers

Drawers are good organisational tools, but all too often they become cluttered catch-alls for things like “all papers” or “paper clips, push pins, tape and anything else that’s small and in my way.” When that happens, it’s time to take things a step further and start organising the drawers themselves. These mint tins are the perfect size to hold all the little things you might need during the day, while helping avoid wasting time rifling through drawers to find something.

The Forced Throwaway

This isn’t an item, but rather an idea to help you begin eliminating the unnecessary items that you may not know you don’t need. Once a week, go through your home office space and pick five items that you can get rid of. They don’t even have to be big items.

Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that you “need” to hang on to that half-bent paperclip. Perhaps you’re keeping a “scrap paper” bin, but you never actually use the paper that ends up inside it. Do you really need three pictures of your family on your desk when they’re literally on the other side of your door?

Move things, throw them away, file them, recycle them – do what you need to do! If you can’t find five things, start with three. Stick to it, and watch as your clutter disappears week after week.

The “Need It” Experiment

This last tip is a somewhat more “extreme” solution. First, completely empty your office, and store everything in another room. Whenever you need something for the task at hand, retrieve it from the other room and bring it to your office. Once the task is complete, find your items a place in your office.

Do this over the course of a week or two, only bringing in items as you need them for immediate use. When the time is up, find a new place for anything you didn’t bring in. If you don’t need it over the course of a week’s work, chances are it doesn’t need to be in a prominent place in your office.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you start identifying the areas of your home office that could use a bit more organization and let you free up your most important asset – your time. Do you have a tip or trick that helps keep you organized? Share it in the comments below!

4 considerations to select the right facilities management provider for care homes

Care home facilities management

Whether you’ve had the builders in to build a new accommodation block, your care staff are having to be drafted in to help run your buildings and grounds, or you are not satisfied with your current facility services company, a new facility management partnership can transform your care home or nursing home.

Selecting a new facilities management company is a mission critical decision for a care home, so it’s fundamentally important that you get your choice of facilities provider right. The importance of selecting the best facilities provider cannot be underestimated. But what factors are important considerations when selecting a new facility services provider for a care organisation?

The right facilities management company can have a big influence on residents experience in your care home, not to mention workplace productivity, business efficiency, attracting and retaining talent and perhaps most importantly of all, staff well-being.

Your facilities management company can have a significant role to play in residents’ experience of living in your care home

Engaging a new facilities management provider is not likely to be something that you do regularly. So how can you ensure that you’re choosing the best facility management company for your care home? In this article, we highlight six important considerations that we’ve learned in our many years of operating commercial premises. Here are some key factors that you should always consider during your decision making process:

The facilities management provider have clear transition processes are in place

Switching facilities management companies, or outsourcing for the first time, can be a convoluted process, if the facilities management company doesn’t have clear transition process in place. Engaging a provider can entail some risk.

For starters, when engaging a facilities provider, you are giving up control of your premises to a service provider. However, perhaps more importantly, you are assuming what could turn out to be a financial risk by signing up for a contract.

A specialist facilities management company should easily be able to manage your expectations of what the transition involves. Also, they should develop a clear risk management plan for your care home facilities management in tandem with your key people. It’s critical that you have open dialogue with your prospective facilities provider, around all of the potential issues, whilst also carefully considering potential unexpected events, to ensure a smooth move to working with your new care home facilities service providers.

The facilities management company has experience of managing contractors in the care sector

A care facility has specific requirements which means that it is typically preferable to work with a facilities management firm that specialises in the healthcare sectors. Your care home providers should have the operational experience, management expertise and the appropriate professional network to ensure that your buildings and grounds always meet the National Minimum Care Standards Act 2001.

  • Managing the facilities in a care home does not simply involve checking and monitoring the standard of work provided by contractors, as other facilities management services typically provide to organisations in other sectors. Care home facilities management also extends to
  • Implementing agreed performance standards with the contractors who provide services within your care home
  • Diligent monitoring of contractor performance against the agreed standards
  • Retendering contracts when necessary to ensure value for money is maintained
  • Ensuring all contractors comply with the latest health and safety regulations
  • Processing contractor invoices, forwarding invoices to you for payment when checked and dealing with any issues for you

Offers a full range of facility services

As you will well know, managing the operations of a care home is not trivial. To ensure that, not only your buildings and grounds are in tiptop shape, but also that residents have the environment they need to have the best lifestyle possible, it’s important to work with a facilities provider which offers a full range of facilities services.

From plumbing and heating, to redecorating, to clearing drains, installing fire safety equipment, managing door access systems or mending the roof, it’s critical that your facilities provider can handle all aspects of keeping your care home well looked after.

Understands and implements standards and regulations

Your care home facilities provider should have an on-going strategy to develop specialist care services within today’s modern care homes. A specialist care home facilities company should deliver outstanding service through good practice, education, training and compliance with regulation. You should always ask your prospective facilities management companies about the education and training initiatives they run for their own people and how they ensure they’re working to –

Care Quality Commission’s five essential standards of quality and safety

  1. Standards of treating people with respect and involving them in their care
  2. Standards of providing care, treatment and support which meets people’s needs
  3. Standards of caring for people safely and protecting them from harm
  4. Standards of staffing
  5. Standards of management

Learn more about the CQS new fundamental standards.

Choose the best facilities management provider for your care home

If your care home is in Dorset, Hampshire, South West London or the South West of England, Facility Management Wessex are a facilities management company with over 25 years’ experience delivering facilities services in care homes and nursing homes.

How To Make Your Workplace More Fun


Fun workplaces are attractive to prospective and current employees alike, with the majority of graduates saying they would rather work at a business with a positive social atmosphere. Plus, research shows that taking breaks can boost productivity. Such breaks can provide a reprieve from work while still stimulating ideas and collaboration.

There are a variety of ideas to make your workplace more fun, while also fostering great ideas and creating a closer-knit team:

Provide Fun Photo Ops

Bring in a professional photographer for a day, or set up a camera booth or room to encourage staff to take photos, no matter how silly. Include props, masks and games to entice fun photo ops. As a bonus, you can use these photos on social media to visually emphasize your business’s fun workplace culture and close-knit team, always a plus for potential customers, clients and partners.

Organise Games With Fun Prizes

Games are a great way to foster fun competition. However, it’s time to go beyond the ping-pong table that nobody uses. Try something more fun, like a Skee Ball table, which can be had for around the same price. If there’s a dedicated parking spot with desirable proximity, offer it for a month as a prize for that month’s high school. Or just have people play for fun. Regardless of its size, a business can organise games and activities in tournament form to nurture team-building and keep the mind and body sharp.

Bring in a Comedian

Check out your local comedy club and offer whoever performs the funniest set the opportunity to come into the workplace and perform. Their cost will likely be worth the unifying laughter and enjoyable break employees will experience. Research shows that comedy can bolster productivity, too. A U.K. study finds that productivity increases by an average of 12 percent and as high as 20 percent among employees after viewing a comedy clip and enjoying snack and drinks. On that note …

Offer Food and Refreshments

Bringing in delicious, free food and drinks may not seem like the most creative idea, but it’s one of the most foolproof ways to get a team in a good mood. Providing sustenance in the morning can be especially useful in boosting productivity, since a lack of breakfast can lead to health issues and fatigue. Orange juice, fresh fruit and an occasional pastry can go a long way in making the general workspace more fun, with no one in a bad mood due to their rumbling stomach.

Set the Tone

Small-business owners need to set the tone to establish a looser, though still productive, office climate. While maintaining their focus and passion for the work at hand, these owners should strive to take the lead when presenting fun activities. Show enthusiasm about a board game by passionately explaining the rules. Take an interest in suggestions from others on how to make the office more fun. The office will likely detect genuine efforts on behalf of an owner and make efforts to align, especially since it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t like fun.

A fun workplace can result in greater productivity and a more closely knit office, making these recommended activities worthwhile pursuits.

Is A Serviced Office Right For Your Startup?


As your startup looks for its first office space, you’re probably wondering what to do. Do you need to rent or buy? Is a coworking space right for your setup? Or do you need something else entirely – such as a serviced office?

What is a Serviced Office?

When it comes to selecting an office for your startup, you have some options, including but not limited to:

Home office. Many startups begin in a home office setup. Whether it’s a spare bedroom, garage, or basement, working out of your own home is cost-effective and flexible. However, most companies eventually outgrow this sort of unprofessional setup.

Purchased office space. If prices are reasonable in your area (and you have the cash to spend), purchasing office space is a smart move for the long run. It’s even better if you can rent out some of the square footage to recoup costs.

Leased office space. If purchasing office space isn’t an option, you can always lease some space. The benefit of leasing is that you can reevaluate your options at the end of the agreement and move on if your needs have changed.

Coworking office. Don’t want to get locked down in a big lease agreement? A coworking office provides optimal flexibility and the chance to work side by side with other entrepreneurs and businesses.
And while these are the more traditional setups, many startups are discovering the immense value in serviced office space.

“A serviced office is similar to a traditional office or office building but is furnished, equipped, and managed by a company with the ability to rent individual rooms or floors to other companies,” Novel Coworking explains. “They may also be known as a business center, executive suite, or managed office.”

The Benefits of a Serviced Office

A serviced office is definitely unique – but it’s also practical. As you seek to grow your startup, here are some of the reasons you may consider a serviced office:

Flexibility. Nothing beats the flexibility of serviced office space. Whereas a traditional lease agreement will lock you in for 12 months or more, many serviced offices operate on a month-to-month basis. Others will give you three- or six-month leases. Considering that startups often experience rapid and frequent change, this sort of versatility is appealing.

Scalability. With serviced office space, you pay for what you need on an as-you-go basis. (For example, if you need a conference room to impress a prospective client, you can rent it out on an hourly basis.) This makes it highly cost-effective and perfect for businesses that are scaling up at an irregular rate.

Access to resources. When you’re moving from a home-based office into your first professional space, there’s more to it than just signing a lease agreement. You have to buy desks, chairs, phones, copiers, printers, etc. But when you work in a serviced office, all of these things come with the territory. This allows you to allocate your resources towards core business tasks and other valuable investments.

Location. In big city markets, real estate in hot downtown areas can be extremely expensive. If you were to lease or buy real estate here, you’d quickly drain your resources. But with serviced office space, the cost is spread out across many different companies. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy prime real estate at a fraction of the cost.

Networking. In a serviced office, you’re generally working next door to other companies and startups. Not only does this create an electric environment where you’re motivated to come to work each morning, but it also presents awesome networking opportunities.

A serviced office isn’t the perfect solution for every startup or business. However, it clearly offers several distinct benefits that are appealing to small companies with limited resources. As you search for the right space for your business to grow into, give serviced office space some serious consideration.

Putting it All Together

The success of your startup doesn’t hinge on the type of office space you select, but it’s still an important decision. Financially and emotionally, it’ll impact how your company evolves over the short-term. Be smart and leave your options open!

Find An Amazing First Office – 4 Tips To Find A Great First Office


Whether you have a brand new startup or are looking to expand out of your home office, searching for you first office can be a daunting experience and there are many things to consider. Of course, it always pays to do the basics and shop around and view properties, but there are a few other factors well worth mulling over in your search for an ideal commercial property.

1.Look out for your competitors
It’s a good idea to look at businesses that are similar to yours and see where they are basing themselves. You could well find all manner of useful services that have chosen to locate in the same area to be around businesses like yours. Having access to these can be a real bonus!

Also, come home-time, bars full of like-minded people make for pleasant places to wind down at the end of the day.

2.Spread your net
If location isn’t all-important to you, then you may want to consider broadening your search radius; particularly if simply getting into an office (and enjoying all the productivity boosts it may provide) is your main motivation.

Once you start looking a little further outside of town and city centres, rents tend to drop. If you’re on a strict budget and you just need to escape the distractions of home, getting an office a little further out of town is a really viable option.

3.Consider the alternatives
Renting an office in the traditional manner on a long lease remains the most popular office space option. Long-term leases may be a little inflexible for a small business and you also may find a lot of the smallest leased space is somewhat shoebox-like. Why not consider shared or serviced offices? These can offer:

Rolling month-to-month contracts, which make these a really flexible option.

All inclusive packages, which mean there are no hidden costs lurking at the end of the month; you also don’t have to deal with any general office-admin tasks.

If there’s spare space you have room to expand if things go well, which means you don’t have to move!

In serviced offices you get a really high service level, which could include features such as receptionists and executive meeting space.

Shared and serviced offices are a particularly good option for small businesses that don’t have specific security requirements. On the flip side, with these you will be sending data through a shared network and you won’t be locking the premises (and thus all the tech you leave) at night. If this sounds like it could be a problem, shared and serviced offices may not be for you.

4.Think Big
A further option is to look to where you want your businesses to be in a few years’ time (particularly with regards to staff numbers) and rent your own space with this in mind. You could then rent out spare space to other small businesses.

Of course, this is something of a gamble, but it may be worth it if you are confident in your venture’s ability to flourish and want to work somewhere you can mould to suit your exact requirements.

3 Ways To Grow Strong Long Term Customer Relationships


You can invest thousands into promoting and marketing your business, but money can’t buy one of the most important things that you need – strong relationships with your customers. When your customers think highly of your brand, they won’t only return time and time again and choose you over your competitors; they’ll also promote your business with word-of-mouth marketing by recommending you to their family members, friends and colleagues. In fact, customer relationships are quickly taking over as a main focus, compared to customer service. Today, customers want to be treated like humans, rather than numbers. Here are some of the best ways to build strong relationships with your customers.

1. Use a Good CRM System:

First of all, you’ll need to invest in a good customer relationship management (CRM) system for your business. Using a CRM allows you to keep better track of your leads and customers, along with using a range of analytical tools to better learn more about what your customers want, need and prefer. You can use several CRM systems to get a wider picture of your customer base and keep them all in one handy place using a contact sync app. PieSync allows you to sync contacts and other data across various CRM systems, allowing you to stay in control and choose which apps you want to work with at any given time. As a result, you’ll be able to make better data-driven decisions using the most current data.

2. Offer a Personalised Service:

Offering a personalized service to your customers is the first step in building better individual relationships with them. If you’re sending out generic messages to your customers, stop now – even something as small as greeting them by name in an email or text message can have a massive impact. But a personalized service doesn’t stop there. You can send personalized thank you notes with orders and take the time to offer a personalized, direct service on social media to further encourage customer loyalty. Get to know your customers and what they’re looking for, so that you can offer customized product suggestions or tailored services.

3. Reward Loyal Customers:

Today, one of the biggest pain points for many customers is that they are not rewarded for their loyalty to a brand. After all, what’s the point of continuing to come back to a certain brand if there’s no incentive to do so, and you can get the same product or service elsewhere? So, spend some time thanking your customers for their loyalty and encouraging them to come back. Loyalty schemes are one of the best ways to do this. For example, give customers the option to collect loyalty points when they make a purchase, which can later be exchanged for purchases. Send your customers little treats every now and then to let them know you appreciate them. Birthday treats are a brilliant idea – have them tell you their birthday so that you can send them a gift – free products or money off vouchers are firm favorites.

Today, building strong customer relationships is key to a successful business. If you liked these ideas, we’d love to get your feedback in the comments!

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